Shopping for Home Insurance

Our North Carolina real estate lawyers have seen some insurance companies can seek to escalate homeowners’ insurance rates due to the estimated replacement costs for homes subject to future weather events and disasters.

It pays to shop around.

A wise homeowner uses the free-market economy to obtain goods at the best price available. There are many different home insurance companies. Some shopping around can end up saving significant amounts of money in the short and long run.

An important consideration when shopping for homeowner’s insurance is being sure that you obtain sufficient coverage. Ensure that the deductible, replacement coverage, and personal property coverage meets your needs in the event of accidents or weather disasters. A popular way to decrease your homeowner’s premium is to increase the deductible filed on a claim.

You have a choice.

Feel free to check rates to change to insurance companies that can save you money. Also, for home buyers who need to find and acquire a home owner’s insurance policy prior to their closing date or move in date, then this step of shopping around for home insurance coverage can save you money and can potentially lower your closing costs or amount needed to bring to your closing.

Our NC real estate attorneys at Tien Law Firm can help guide you through the phases of buying a home or investment property and we seek to make your real estate transactions as smooth as possible for you. We also seek to identify in advance any adverse claims to your potential property title and unpaid liens that can potentially attach to the property and/or harm your title. Our NC real estate attorneys at Tien Law Firm, serves Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Wilmington, and Greensboro, and surrounding areas.

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