Our E-Discovery attorney has three primary goals when serving the discover needs of our clients:

  1. Reduce business and legal risks associated with electronically stored information;
  2. Help clients understand their E-Discovery obligations and defenses;
  3. Cost-effectively and efficiently comply with legal and regulatory requirements in civil litigation, criminal litigation, and government investigations.

Importance of E-Discovery

E-Discovery can be massive in volume, costly to store and retrieve, as well as contain sensitive information about your corporate or personal matters. The explosion of amount and various forms of electronic data has made the process of properly managing electronically stored information (ESI) critical to the success of major litigation. 

Large discovery sanctions, adverse jury instructions, and even findings of spoliation are all potential pitfalls for individual and corporate litigants.  Our E-Discovery attorney helps clients navigate this complex and rapidly evolving minefield of risks. 

E-Discovery Counsel

Tien Law Firm’s E-Discovery Counsel has experience with the nuances of E-Discovery and can advise on a comprehensive range of strategic matters including the following:

  • Management of E-Discovery during litigation(s)
  • Preparation/Defense of E-Discovery witnesses for deposition and/or trial
  • Defense or pursuit of E-Discovery sanctions and preservation orders
  • Filing defensive motions to protect against overly costly and unduly burdensome ESI requests
  • Assessment of a client’s E-Discovery readiness
  • Evaluation and selection of E-Discovery vendors

Review and analysis of all aspects of a client’s information management program including records preservation policies, litigation hold protocols, and data governance procedures.

Tien Law Firm has the practical corporate and litigation knowledge, courtroom experience, and legal acumen required to deliver E-Discovery services to clients of all sizes in all industries and professions.