Real estate litigation often involves potentially high damages, multiple parties, and numerous regulations and laws. For these disputes, clients should be especially deliberate in retaining the services of unwavering and knowledgeable real estate attorneys at Tien Law Firm, PC. Tien Law Firm’s real estate litigation lawyers, have represented private and commercial clients with real estate transactions and litigation.

Breach of Contract

Tien Law Firm’s real estate attorneys can skillfully and aggressively represents parties in all types of legal conflicts relating to real estate purchase agreements, broker commission agreements, leases, license agreements and other contract claims.

Shareholders and directors frequently get dragged into litigation. Shareholders may allege that directors have breached their fiduciary duty to the corporation. Shareholders may also claim an abuse of control, waste of corporate assets, or gross mismanagement. A director is governed by a duty of loyalty, which prohibits a director from profiting at the expense of the corporation. A director may also have failed to manage honestly and in good faith, which may give rise to a claim for breaching the duty of care to the corporation. Tien Law Firm’s commercial real estate attorneys can provide aggressive representation in shareholder derivative suits.

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