Real Estate


Buyer & Seller Closings

For Buyers and Sellers, the home closing experience can be stressful. We work closely with you and your agent to ensure your closing process is as smooth and efficient as possible. For Agents, you need a closing attorney who understands the industry, who can get the job done, and provide excellent client service along the way for smooth transactions.

Refinance Closings

At Tien Law Firm, PC our real estate attorney works with your lender and provides a smooth start-to-finish experience for your refinance process.

Real Estate Investors & iBuyer Closings

Tien Law Firm, PC assists institutional clients close as diligently and smoothly as possible. We understand the needs of our real estate investor clients.

Builder and Commercial Closings

At Tien Law Firm, PC we understand that each and every builder has a unique needs and certain, timelines, and budgets. We work closely with everyone involved to make sure that all the Buyer’s needs are being met to prepare for a smooth closing.

Role of Buyer’s Closing Attorney

  • PREPARING OR REVIEWING THE CONTRACT: The role of a buyer’s attorney is to review the purchase and sale contract terms that will govern the real estate transaction.
  • TITLE SEARCH: After a contract is executed between the buyer and seller, we will order title work for the property. We will review the title search for for any problems in the property’s title, such as judgments, easements, or encroachments, and work to resolve issues discovered.
  • OBTAINING TITLE INSURANCE: Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects both the buyer and lender from any costs which may accumulate if you were to have to defend the title to the property. We can assist you in obtaining a title insurance policy for your home.
  • WORKING WITH LENDERS: If you are taking out a loan to purchase your property, your lender will require a large amount of paperwork in order to approve the mortgage financing. We will work with our
    client’s lender to provide your lender with their required documents needed to extend the loan.
  • DISBURSING FUNDS: After closing, we will disburse funds, including funds for paying sellers, commissions to real estate agents, and paying taxes for your property.

Common Buyer Closing Costs

There are various fees associated with real estate transactions that we are happy to explain to you, including:

  • Home Inspections;
  • Home Surveys;
  • A share of yearly property taxes, property association dues, and similar prorated fees;
  • Title search fees;
  • Fees for title insurance policies, hazard insurance for a year, down payment and lender fees, flood zone certification fees;
  • Deed recording fee;
  • Funds to open lender escrow accounts for property taxes and insurance that will be paid by lender the following year.

List of Common Seller Closing Costs

There are various fees associated with real estate transactions that we are happy to explain to you, including:

  • An attorney fee for deed preparation;
  • Tax Stamps, Excise Tax Based on Sales Price;
  • Prorated share of Property Taxes, Property Association Dues, or Similar Fees;
  • Real estate commission (typically 6% for brokers);
  • Fees associated with paying off your loan(s);
  • Costs that you agree to share with the buyer.

Contact Our Real Estate Closing Lawyer

We listen to our clients and seek to help them achieve their real estate and financial goals. We would be happy to assist with your next real estate purchase or sale. For more information, contact our knowledgeable real estate attorney today.