Outside General Counsel


Strategic Corporate Counsel

Companies have a myriad of laws and regulations to comply with, and certain industries are subject to additional regulatory rules. Our corporate attorney can assist clients with the following matters:

  • Contact negotiation, drafting, and review
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment law
  • Fundraising, term sheets, angel investing, venture capital
  • Litigation management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk mitigation


Business Minded Strategic Approach

A cornerstone of Tien Law Firm’s approach is a keen understanding of the client’s business objectives and industry. Tien Law Firm’s litigation strategy is tailored to the size of the matter, the client’s exposure or up-side, and the significance of the case to the client. Recognizing that litigation is just one part of a larger business strategy, Tien Law Firm’s lawyers evaluate early exit options such as motions to dismiss, settlement, or summary judgment, as well as indemnification by third parties or insurance to minimize costs.


Client-Focused Approach

We listen to our client’s objectives. Our vast corporate experience across multiple practice areas and industries, including securities, intellectual property, executive compensation, and litigation, makes us well positioned to ensure that deals are structed properly and meet our client’s strategic and economic objectives.