Mediation & Arbitration


Attorney Sonya Tien is a certified mediator and arbitrator who received her certification from North Carolina State University, who can help parties facing a potential lawsuit to avoid costly litigation and/or trial. Attorneys, companies, and individuals have reached out to Sonya for counsel and advice regarding settlement values of cases, liability issues, and the facilitation of settlement negotiations for litigation and pre-litigation matters. She welcomes opportunities to assist lawyers and their clients in exploring creative ways to get difficult cases settled prior to filing suit or trial.

Attorney Tien’s background and qualifications:

  • Certified Mediator and Arbitrator by North Carolina State University
  • Admitted to multiple state and federal courts
  • Doctor of Law (J.D.) from Columbia Law School
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Vast litigation experience with commercial litigation cases and personal injury and wrongful death cases
  • Experience representing both defendants and plaintiffs
  • Named Super Lawyers Rising Star for the past five years
  • Licensed in North Carolina, California, and New York
  • Legal career devoted to handling personal injury and litigation cases

Being able to avoid litigation through mediation and settlement negotiation is financially advantageous for both plaintiffs and defendants.

ADR: Cost-Efficient Options to Address Legal Disputes

  • Arbitration. Arbitration is similar to a trial without the formalities and it is usually much quicker to have an arbitration than proceed through litigation and a jury trial. It is an adversarial proceeding where the parties can call witnesses and present evidence to a neutral arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. The rules of discovery and evidence are relaxed to make it a shorter and more cost-efficient process. An ADR-trained professional conducts the proceeding.  Often, the parties select the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. Arbitration is usually binding, in which the arbitrator renders a decision that can be enforced by the courts.
  • Mediation. A process in which the parties seek the help of a neutral third party to resolve their dispute or litigation through negotiation and input. Unlike arbitration, mediation is not a proceeding in which the neutral renders a decision. Parties that want to maintain more control over the outcome may wish to proceed with mediation. The mediator helps the parties reach an agreement by clarifying their positions and goals and encouraging them to work together. In mediation, the parties have the power to decide whether, and on what terms, to reach a resolution.

Sonya offers mediation and arbitration services in the following areas:

  • Commercial & Business
  • Director & Officer Liability
  • Employment & Labor
  • Insurance & Bad Faith Claims
  • Intellectual Property (Copyright, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Publicity Rights)
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
  • Professional Negligence
  • Real Estate
  • Securities

In order to maximize the benefit of alternative dispute resolution, you will want to work with a seasoned attorney like Sonya Tien who understands the claims, the law and the litigation process.

Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Attorney Sonya Tien is an enthusiastic proponent of parties having a mediation prior to trial, as it is a reliable resolution method that avoids the uncertainty and expense of jury trials for both sides. She personally has resolved over six hundred cases involving disputes for clients through strategy and artful negotiations. Given her professional background and education, Sonya is uniquely qualified to mediate and arbitrate business, employment, insurance, and personal injury claims.

Mediation is often one of the last chances the parties will have to explore settlement opportunities prior to trial in a manner in which the parties can maintain some control over the outcome. Sometimes it appears that the parties may be too far apart in valuations to reach an agreement, but
engaging a neutral mediator or arbitrator can help the parties realistically assess their cases to allow a forum for collaboration and dispute resolution potential. Sonya Tien will provide her knowledge and experience to assist all parties in reaching a fair resolution to their dispute and avoid unnecessary attorney fees and litigation expenses.