Tien Law Firm’s litigation practice offers a broad range of litigation experience to help our clients with some of their most challenging and high-stakes matters. Our litigation attorney has worked on litigation cases involving serious personal injury, wrongful death, commercial real estate, hostile takeover, M&A, white collar defense and investigations, securities class action, pharmaceuticals, and intellectual property.

Our diverse legal experience runs the gamut from state and federal court cases, to investigatory and administrative government agencies. We approach every representation focused on the client’s strategic objectives. Our litigation attorney works closely with our clients to identify the key legal and factual issues that are likely to drive the final outcome of the litigation process.

We also draw upon the knowledge of our other practice areas, such as our corporate law and regulatory and compliance practice, as the complexity of any business dispute may require. We believe our knowledge, skill, and dedication come to the advantage of our clients in seeking to achieve an outstanding result before courts, regulators, or whatever tribunal in which we find ourselves. Because our adversaries ultimately come to understand this, we seek to achieve outstanding negotiated results, as well. We believe that our approach also minimizes, to the extent possible, lengthy, unnecessary, and expensive pre-trial activity. Our litigation attorneys are proud to assist our client in some of their most complex matters.