Crisis Law & Strategy


When faced with an event that gives rise to significant legal, financial, and public relations exposure, corporate management needs more than ever to remain focused on running its business. Tien Law Firm’s crisis management practice can free management to focus on the bottom line and help steer the company through difficult times. Tien Law Firm is experienced in handling multifaceted problems with multiforum demands. Whether it is bet the company litigation, a congressional inquiry, regulatory proceedings, or a criminal investigation, or a combination of law enforcement, oversight, and public relations inquiries, Tien Laws Firm can help leading institutions prepare and respond, minimize legal exposure, and protect the reputation of management and the organization.

Our clients seek our assistance when dealing with a crisis because of our versatile lawyers and the multidimensional strategic plans we tailor to the individual client’s circumstances. We have a decade of success in providing clients with coordinated political, business, public relations, and legal advocacy.

Tien Law Firm’s Strategy

Tien Law Firm advocates a multifront approach to crisis management. Whether the situation stems from internal problems or external events, we can enable our clients to maintain focus on their business objectives while managing a crisis to its best outcome.

Tien Law Firm can assist by:

  • Contact with congressional leaders, regulatory agencies, and enforcement agencies
  • Experience and success developing coordinated communications strategies that allow for simple, consistent, and credible communication with the full array of industry and corporate stakeholders
  • Experience and success leading sensitive internal investigations quickly and discreetly
  • Acting as lead counsel in bet the company litigation
  • An anticipatory approach that takes into account the various potential directions developing crises can take
  • A white-collar criminal defense practice that can manage high-profile, complicated matters

Preventing the Crisis

Many clients have benefited from a proactive approach towards potential crises, and we can also advise them on implementing preventative measures and an avoidance strategy. The avoidance strategy includes systems to monitor changes in regulatory and enforcement practices and to monitor critical or vulnerable internal functions in order to give the client the maximum ability to address difficulties before they escalate.

Preparation is crucial to preventing or minimizing the impact of a crisis. To meet this critical need, Tien Law Firm can help clients conduct targeted internal investigations and draft crisis management plans and crisis communication plans. With Tien Law Firm’s assistance, clients can identify potential threats early and quickly implement proactive strategies.

In addition to our vast experience across corporate and litigation practice areas, we have have developed particular insight that makes us uniquely suited to crisis management.