How to Read a North Carolina Crash Report

Your North Carolina crash report is a key document and very important to your injury claim. If you were in a collision and need help understanding your crash report, you should call a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. You can also use Tien Law Firm’s NC DMV 349 key to decode your crash report.

Information Included in the Crash Report

Usually, the crash report will list a description of the vehicles and parties involved in the collision, the location of the accident, time of day, severity of injuries noted, and insurance information obtained by the officer. The crash report may also contain the investigating officer’s opinion of who is at fault for the collision and/or what contributed to causing the collision.

How the Crash Report is Used

Usually, each party’s insurance company seeks to obtain a copy of the crash report as soon as possible to assist with their liability determination.

How to Change a Crash Report

To seek changes to a crash report, one may contact the investigating officer but absent some clear factual error, such as inadvertently omitting passengers and witnesses, officers generally will not issue an amended crash report.

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