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CRPS Treatment

A plan for individualized CRPS treatment usually includes a team of healthcare providers possibly including a combination of physical therapists, orthopaedic specialists, and/or neurologists. Since there is no cure for the syndrome, the medications prescribed are often the ones also used to treat other chronic pain conditions. The primary goal of treating CRPS is to restore functionality in the affected body area and relieve pain. This care normally includes physical and/or occupational therapy. Early treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is crucial in the battle against minimizing symptoms and seeking remission. Medical intervention may involve invasive and non-invasive treatments, such as:

  • Ketamine, an anesthetic
  • Steroids
  • Nerve block injections (also known as Stellate Ganglion Block)
  • Spinal cord stimulator implants
  • Aquatic therapy

Organizations, such as the RSDSA, offer information on current and emerging medical care. Clinical studies are being conducted for CRPS treatment that may provide even more tools to fight CRPS.

Receiving Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

It is important to choose qualified medical professionals when seeking treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  You will also want to consult with a CRPS law firm that is knowledgeable about the syndrome and the medical providers in the area. At Tien Law Firm, we offer free consultations for those being treated for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or for those who have been recently diagnosed. Contact Tien Law Firm for a free consultation today.

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