Whose Insurance Applies in Car Accidents with an Uber Driver?

In addition to traditional taxi services in North Carolina, Uber and Lyft are becoming increasingly popular methods of transportation, but what about injuries sustained as a passenger in Uber, can you sue Uber?

Uber is a company that uses contractors, not employees, to provide a ride-sharing service by selecting your driver from reading written reviews from other riders.  Uber drivers typically own the vehicle instead of Uber.  So who is liable if there is a crash, the vehicle owner-driver or Uber?

Sorting through the evidence to determine liability and damages is complicated and a professional can help.  After police investigate the collision, injury victims frequently turn to personal injury attorneys for their experience and guidance to help them determine the extent of their damages and recovery options.  Adding an Uber-related accident to the equation can make things more complicated.

Options After Being in An Uber Accident 

Usually, Uber is not responsible for the actions by drivers that cause injury or damage to people or property because they do not employ the drivers.  Nevertheless, keep in mind:

  • Uber provides insurance that covers riders while being driven by and Uber driver;
  • If you are being driven by an Uber driver and another vehicle without insurance hits causes the collision, Uber provides insurance.

Uber provides insurance that covers riders while they are being driven by an Uber driver.

Be Careful When Navigating Uber Claims

Many times, Uber coverage may be limited and statements made by Uber passengers to the insurance company may cause a claim to be denied.  You have the the right to seeks fair compensation for the damage you suffer of you were injured in a car collision and someone else is at fault, whether you accident involved Uber or multiple parties.  For more information contact Tien Law Firm.

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