Tien Law Firm secured a trademark litigation victory for a retail brand at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) by securing a withdrawal of the Petition for Cancellation filed by Petitioner. This win marks a milestone for the retail client’s infringement enforcement efforts. The Petition for Cancellation alleged fraud and abandonment claims to seek cancellation of Registrant’s trademarks. Tien Law Firm filed an immediate, Rule 12B Motion to Dismiss before the Answer was due and was able to secure
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Sample interrogatories from National General in one of Tien Law Firm’s personal injury litigation cases. Interrogatory No. 1:  State the date and place of your birth, your present address, the length of time you have lived there, and each address you have used for the last five (5) years. Interrogatory No. 2: State whether you are married or have ever been married, the name and address of your spouse, your date of marriage, and the names and birth dates of
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Tien Law Firm’s car accident lawyers have many years of experience handing claims against Progressive Insurance. The purpose of this page is to give you some tips to help you seek maximum value of your injury claim in settlement negotiations with Progressive.   Progressive is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, with its main local competitors being State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and GEICO. Like many of the nation’s top insurance companies, Progressive is known for its catchy television
The purpose of this page is to help you understand the settlement value of your case against GEICO and to give you weapons to help maximize the settlement value of your claim. Learn the secrets they don’t want you to know to seek the most money you possibly can out of your claim.  Out of the top twenty largest insurance companies, GEICO is one of the most difficult insurance companies to deal with. If you have not figured that out yet,
We are pleased to announce the closing and acquisition of commercial property for our client, Grenelle Holdings, LLC.
We are pleased to announce that Sonya Tien at Tien Law Firm obtained a pre-litigation policy limit settlement from The General, for our client who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Wake County, in Raleigh, North Carolina on Wild Wood Forest Drive at Neuse Commons Lane toward Thornton Road. Afterwards, Sonya Tien secured an additional worker’s compensation injury settlement for our client, in addition to payment of all expenses and weekly wage replacement checks. Defense counsel for the
A significant number of car accidents that we see each year in this state were rear-end crashes. This could be interpreted to mean that rear-end collisions are common and occur at an unfortunately high rate. When you are involved in this type of accident, having a lawyer on your side can allow you to focus on recovery instead of troublesome insurance companies. It is important to note that certain rear-end collision factors that can influence your case. Why a Rear-End
It is important to understand what questions insurance companies ask after a car wreck because until and unless you enlist the help of a car accident attorney, you will need to take steps to protect your own rights. Some of the most common questions insurance companies ask following an accident involve questions to help them determine liability or who is at fault, including, but not limited to: Who was involved in the accident? Was anyone else in the vehicle? Who
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When you file a claim against another driver for damages that resulted from a car accident, you may need to appear at a deposition, mediation, and/or trial. What is a Deposition? A deposition is a legal proceeding, usually outside of the courtroom, where a party or witness is called in for questioning by a lawyer under oath. The questions and answers are recorded by a court reporter to be used later in court filings and trial. It is important to
Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a standard multiplier type settlement formula.  There is no magic equation such as “medical expenses times X.”  We have heard on numerous occasions where accident victims were improperly advised by counsel that such a formula exists.  Properly evaluating motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury cases is challenging.  Our civil tort system requires juries to place a value on injury cases, but the dollar amount for any specific injury is
We are pleased to announce that Tien Law Firm secured a personal injury settlement against State Farm for our client who is a minor that suffered a brain injury from a car crash. The settlement was approved in Superior Court in Wake County, North Carolina. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was had a collision on Oak Park Road in Raleigh from St. Files Street towards Lancaster Drive.Sonya Tien represented the Minor Plaintiff. Defense counsel for State
We are pleased to announce a successful pre-litigation car accident settlement obtained against USAA for one of our clients who sustained a dental injury in a motor vehicle accident. The collision occurred in Wake County near I-40 at Gorman Street, near downtown Raleigh and North Carolina State University. The negotiated settlement included the cost of future medical treatment for our client, which she was very happy about. Sonya Tien obtained the legal victory in the matter for our client!