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Sample interrogatories from National General in one of Tien Law Firm’s personal injury litigation cases. Interrogatory No. 1:  State the date and place of your birth, your present address, the length of time you have lived there, and each address you have used for the last five (5) years. Interrogatory No. 2: State whether you are married or have ever been married, the name and address of your spouse, your date of marriage, and the names and birth dates of
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Sample interrogatories from State Farm in one of Tien Law Firm’s personal injury litigation cases, which resulted in a settlement offer from State Farm for our client on the eve of trial.Interrogatory No. 1: State your full name, current address and any and all other names which you have used or by which you have been known. Interrogatory No. 2: If you are or ever have been married, state the name of your spouse(s), the date(s) of the marriage(s), the manner in
We are pleased to announce that Tien Law Firm secured a personal injury settlement against State Farm for our client who is a minor that suffered a brain injury from a car crash. The settlement was approved in Superior Court in Wake County, North Carolina. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was had a collision on Oak Park Road in Raleigh from St. Files Street towards Lancaster Drive.Sonya Tien represented the Minor Plaintiff. Defense counsel for State
We are pleased to announce that Tien Law Firm achieved a settlement for our client in a pre-trial win against State Farm in a car accident involving permanent injury that occurred on Ten Ten Road in Cary, Wake County, North Carolina coming from Holly Springs Road going towards Churchill Falls Place. After rounds of discovery, driver and expert depositions, mediation, and full trial preparation, State Farm increased their offer to our client again, on the eve of trial, and our
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In a catastrophic car accident that occurred on Leesville Road in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, Tien Law Firm secured double policy limit settlements for our client. Sonya Tien secured State Farm’s UIM policy limit pre-litigation, and Allstate’s policy limit settlement offer prior to the commencement of litigation. Sonya Tien served as Attorney for Plaintiff. Allstate was defended by Teague, Rotenstreich, Stanaland, Fox, & Holt PLLC.
In this catastrophic truck injury litigation Tien Law Firm filed the United State District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Sonya Tien negotiated and obtained a settlement for our clients.