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In a car accident, the at-fault insurance company may accept responsibility for the damage to your vehicle and make an offer to settle the property damage claim. You will almost always deal with an adjuster at the at-fault driver’s insurance company. An adjuster is the person the insurance company hired to review and negotiate your claim. Typically, part of the adjuster’s job is to try to minimize your claim in order to control costs for the company. After a liability
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Truck accidents can be especially frightening considering the dangerousness of their weight and size. You may be unsure about what to do after the accident and do not want to say anything to the insurance company that could make them deny or devalue your injury claim. Our truck accident lawyers have helped seriously individuals process their accidents and move towards resolutions that benefit them and their futures. With years of experience, we understand the truck accident procedure process thoroughly as
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It is important that buyers who are purchasing real estate have a basic understanding of what closing costs they will be responsible for under the terms of their contract. Below, you will find a list of typical buyer closing costs. Comonn Closing Costs Legal & Title Fees1) Attorney Fee 2) Survey 3) Title Search/Lender Policy Endorsement 4) Recording Fees 5) Title Insurance 6) Home Inspection 7) Home Warranty (OPTIONAL) Mortgage Fees8) Application Fee 9) Appraisal 10) Miscellaneous Costs 11) Private