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Sample interrogatories from National General in one of Tien Law Firm’s personal injury litigation cases. Interrogatory No. 1:  State the date and place of your birth, your present address, the length of time you have lived there, and each address you have used for the last five (5) years. Interrogatory No. 2: State whether you are married or have ever been married, the name and address of your spouse, your date of marriage, and the names and birth dates of
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Tien Law Firm’s car accident lawyers have many years of experience handing claims against Progressive Insurance. The purpose of this page is to give you some tips to help you seek maximum value of your injury claim in settlement negotiations with Progressive.   Progressive is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, with its main local competitors being State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and GEICO. Like many of the nation’s top insurance companies, Progressive is known for its catchy television
We are pleased to announce that Tien Law Firm negotiated and secured two pre-litigation settlements against The Hartford insurance company for our clients. Attorneys for the matter were Sonya Tien and Amiee Nwabuike.
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Sample interrogatories from State Farm in one of Tien Law Firm’s personal injury litigation cases, which resulted in a settlement offer from State Farm for our client on the eve of trial.Interrogatory No. 1: State your full name, current address and any and all other names which you have used or by which you have been known. Interrogatory No. 2: If you are or ever have been married, state the name of your spouse(s), the date(s) of the marriage(s), the manner in
We are pleased to announce the closing and acquisition of commercial property for our client, Viva, LLC. Commercial real estate attorneys working on the matter are Sonya Tien and Amiee Nwabuike.
Tien Law Firm is a personal injury, real estate, litigation, corporate, and IP law firm.  But what is the Tien Law Firm difference? The answer is: YOU. Our clients are our focus. We believe in high quality legal service, dedicated service and…more results-oriented service. We are a firm that truly puts clients first. And this sets us apart. We don’t just give lip service to client service. Every attorney and staff member at Tien Law Firm will “go the extra
The purpose of this page is to help you understand the settlement value of your case against GEICO and to give you weapons to help maximize the settlement value of your claim. Learn the secrets they don’t want you to know to seek the most money you possibly can out of your claim.  Out of the top twenty largest insurance companies, GEICO is one of the most difficult insurance companies to deal with. If you have not figured that out yet,
One of the most important parts of a real estate transaction is determining the correct legal description of the property and making sure the recorded deed contains the correct legal description. To find out the details about the property that you plan to purchase, you may want to order a land survey. that only way to truly know exactly what you are purchasing is to have the property surveyed. A survey will give you a graphic outline of the legal
A title search can be defined as “[e]xamining deeds, land records and documents to verify the seller is the legal owner and there are no encumbrances affecting title.” (Black’s Online Dictionary, 2d. Edition). A title search is basically a snapshot in time of a specific real property showing the owners, chain of title, security instruments, and those parties having an interest in the specific real property being searched. Why is having a title search so important? Real estate tends to
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For more than a year, the Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, housing market has been hot. When purchasing in an area where demand exceeds the amount of readily available homes, competition is fierce. Properties can be listed at a premium price, multiple offers may be received, and sellers are less likely to make concessions. Potential home buyers do not want to be caught off guard when entering a Sellers’ Market. Buyers must be persistent and resilient to obtain the property that they